(CNN) -- The 550-foot-tall High Roller has finally opened on the Las Vegas Strip.

The High Roller Ferris wheel is part of "the LINQ," a Caesars Entertainment-created shopping and entertainment district. The wheel received its operating license on Friday.


Strip 是Las Vegas最熱鬧的一條街道。最近剛蓋好的觀景摩天輪是其中一家賭場 “凱撒皇宮” 所興建的。如同台灣的美麗華一樣,是結合了購物和娛樂的商城。
Ferris Wheel 就是我們常常講的摩天輪。
District 通常是用來形容一個區域,比如說大安區就是Da An District。這邊用來形容這個購物中心,表示他非常的大。
Operating license 就是營業執照的意思。


Riders will get a 30-minute ride and view of the city in one of two booths in each of the wheel's 28 Italian glass cabins, each 44,000 pounds in weight. Each cabin holds up to 40 people, totally 1,120 people at capacity.


通常我們要把時間用在形容詞的時候,只要把數字和分秒中間加上一個 hyphen 就是一槓,就可以變成形容詞囉!



Cabin 就是摩天輪一個一個的包廂,也可以用來形容飛機客艙,機組員就叫做cabin crew。Cabin基本上就是 “艙” 的意思。
Hold up to 的意思是可以承受多少重量。
Capacity 則是容量的意思,這個字常常有人會跟Capability搞混。
Capability 的意思是能耐。如果你要說一個人有多少能耐,可以這樣說,How much capability are you? 或是 How capable are you?


Ticket prices range from $24.95 for a standard day ticket to $59.95 for the express that allows you to board anytime without waiting in line. Check out the gallery to see how it compares to other favorites around the world.


當你要說一個東西或是一件事情 “大概” 的範疇,就可以用Range from…to。意思是大約是…到…之間。在這裡,是用來形容摩天輪的票價是從24.5元到59.95元之間。
Standard day ticket 就是我們所謂的基本全日票券,比較貴的express ticket,顧名思義就是快速票券,可以讓你免去排隊的困擾,讓你隨時都可以上艙。
上艙的這個動作是用board。不管搭乘任何交通工具,都可以用board,比如說board the plane。如果你已經搭上交通工具了,就可以說I am on board。
排隊的英文該怎麼說呢? 就是wait in line,當你要問別人 “你是不是在排隊呢?” 就可以說 “Are you waiting in line?” 或是更簡化的說法 “Are you in line?”



High Roller: Las Vegas, Neveda

The Las Vegas High Roller officially opens Monday, March 31, 2014, joining an impressive collection of Ferris wheels around the world.


Officially open 意思是正式開啟或是正式啟動。

Impressive 則是令人印象深刻或是值得一看的。



Pacific Wheel: Santa Monica, California

The Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel is the first solar powered Ferris wheel in the world. With 160,000 energy efficient lights, nighttime rides feature lights illuminating the western end of Route 66.


Pier 是碼頭的意思,在美國的加州有很多地方都有港口,當你去漁人碼頭 fishermen’s wharf 的時候,就可以看到很多的piers。Solar power 是太陽能的意思。Energy efficient是指節約能源,efficient是有效率的,跟energy放在一起就是讓能源的使用更有效率。如果你要說省油車的話,可以說 fuel efficientFeature 的意思是當某個東西 “主打” 的商品或是有特別的成份在內。Route 66 是美國的一個高速公路。




SkyView: Atlanta

The new 200-foot SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel boasts 42 climate-controlled observation cabins that each hold six people. It also has a VIP cabin equipped with leather interior and glass flooring. It's in the heart of downtown Atlanta across from Centennial Olympic Park.


Boast 是誇大其詞或是引以為豪的意思。Atlanta的SkyView摩天輪因為有42個中央空調系統的客艙而引以為豪。

Climate-controlled: Climate是天氣的意思、control是控制,因此合在一起就是用來形容一個東西或是設備可以調節艙內的溫度,部受天氣的影響。Equip with 的意思是一個東西有搭配甚麼東西,比如說,你的車子有配導航和皮椅,就可以說,My car is equipped with navigator and leather seats。In the heart of 是指一個地方是在中心,比如說,101 is in the heart of Taipei city。



Big O: Tokyo

The Big O stands tall in Tokyo Dome City entertainment and shopping complex. Tokyo's largest roller coaster, "Thunder Dolphin," runs directly through the centerless Ferris wheel and can reach speeds of around 80 mph.


Stands tall 的意思是高高地豎立。因為現在很多的百貨公司都變成了娛樂商城,裡面除了有逛街的商店外,還有電影院、餐廳、有些甚至有遊樂園。因此,這樣的娛樂中心我們都以complex稱呼。Run through 的意思是從中穿過。Mphmiles per hour,中文就是時速多少英里。



Wiener Riesenrad: Vienna, Austria



Singapore Flyer: Singapore

The Singapore Flyer stands tall at a height of 541 feet. Each car holds 28 people and takes 30 minutes to take in all the scenery. The wheel was assessed by feng shui experts and now spins clockwise.


除了cabin之外,還可以用 car 來稱呼每個觀景包廂。Scenery 的意思是景觀。Feng Shui 就是我們說的風水。

Spin 是轉動的意思。Clockwise 就是順時針方向。如果你要形容一個東西逆時針方向轉動的話,就要說spin counter-clockwise。



The London Eye: London

Boosting a height of 443 feet, the London Eye offers riders views of the London Tower, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. The viewing capsules sit on the outer rim of the wheel and offers a 360-degree panoramic view at the top of the ride. The ride's full rotation takes 30 minutes and carries more than 10,000 passengers a day.



Cosmo Clock 21: Yokohama, Japan


Navy Pier: Chicago


The Texas Star: Dallas


Tianjin Eye: Tianjin, China


The Star of Nanchang: Nanchang, China


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