這個周末才剛去參加完朋友的婚禮,今天就應景的來介紹一下關於wedding photo的一些單字吧! CNN在這篇文章中,精心挑選出13張在exotic destination拍出的婚紗照。Exotic是指野外或是遠離塵囂的,Destination就是一個地點或是目的地。這些地方包括,深山、湖泊、海邊、古蹟、甚至在海裡! 如果你對於婚紗照要去哪裡拍,正在傷腦筋的話,這一期的照片一定要看喔! It will give you some idea! 




Stunning backdrops, expensive gowns, strung-out couples on the most important day of their lives ... how much drama can be packed into a single photo? We asked well known destination wedding photographers for their most striking work. For a winter wedding at Lake Tahoe, guests bundled up in down jackets and boots and huddled in the snow. Photographer Aaron Morris of Chrisman Studios says the main challenge, aside from frozen hands, was maneuvering in the snow. "When I would take a step, my leg would sink knee-deep into the snow," he says.


Stunning 通常是用來形容驚為天人的感覺,或是目瞪口呆。

Backdrops 是指拍照時使用的布幕背景,用在這裡是表示拍照的地方美麗到像是特別設計出或是畫出來的背景一般。

Gown 是女生在結婚時的婚紗。

Striking 是用來形容一件事情很令人為之振奮,這裡是指那些有名的外拍攝影師讓人驚艷的作品。

這張照片是在美國的滑雪勝地Lake Tahoe拍攝的,拍這張照片最大的challenge (挑戰) 就是要在雪地裡移動Knee-deep的意思就是腳下陷的深度及膝。



Destination weddings account for 24% of all U.S. weddings, with 30% of those weddings taking place outside the United States. "Some destination venues will have a wedding every day," says Ontario-based Mark Ridout of Ridout Photography about destination weddings. "When organizing so many weddings they have perfected it to an art." For their shoot, this couple from North York Ontario arranged to have the complete run of the park to themselves.


Account for 的意思是 “佔…多少”。

Perfected it to an art 的意思是這個外拍的公園已經有名到每天都有人來照相,所以他們也很專業得把這個公園打理到非常的有條有理而且非常的artistic (有藝術氣息的)。

Venue 是指一件事情發生的地點或地方。當你要舉辦一個會議或是正式的場合時,用venue來形容舉辦的地點是比較專業的用字。



Ridout snapped Toronto couple Jennifer and Thomas on the island of Cayo Guillermo, Cuba. "This was taken after the wedding as we toured the resort looking for locations," says the photographer.


拍照這個動作除了用take photo之外,也可以用snap。Snap是指外門喀擦的那一瞬間。這張照片是在婚禮過後在resort (渡假飯店) 附近找到的地點。



Taiwanese couple Christine and Chiaming flew to Bhutan for their wedding. "Christine loved the architecture of the traditional homes and temples, so it was important to us to show both the landscape and the architecture in the photos," says Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios, who took their wedding pics. "You have to really show what makes the place unique. You don't want the wedding photos to look like they could have been shot anywhere."



Architecture (建築物) 也是新人在挑選外拍地點的其中一個考慮地點。傳統的房子和廟宇,也就是古蹟,也是很多人喜歡的婚紗地點。大家都希望自己的婚紗照是unique (獨特的)

Shoot也可以用來形容 “拍” 照的動詞。Landscape通常是用來形容一個地方的風景。



"As a photographer, when a couple is flying you across the world to such a picturesque location as Santorini, Greece, it's imperative to go home with at least one epic photo that shows the stunning backdrop of this ancient white and blue city," says Chrisman. Mauricio Arias of Chrisman Studios posed his subjects and told them to keep interacting while he climbed high enough to capture the beautiful scene.



Picturesque 是用來形容一個地方美如畫,走到哪拍到哪,都像是明信片一般。

Epic 的意思是史詩般的。這張照片是攝影師在兩位新人持續的深情互動時,爬到高處所capture (捕捉) 到的畫面。



While choosing Half-Moon Resort for their wedding, one couple noticed this little hut, actually a massage room for the hotel's spa. "We had a limited amount of time for portraits before the ceremony, so we were rushing around trying to hit all the desired spots," says Chrisman. "This photo captures the dramatic, cloudy sky we had that day."


Hut其實是指茅屋,也就是用茅草和木頭搭建出來的屋子,通常是用來養牛養馬用的。這間hut其實是Half-Moon Resort所提供的一間spa屋。Rush當作動詞來用的話是指 “趕時間” 的意思。Hit在這裡不是 “打人” 的意思喔~ hit all the desired spots是指 “抵達或是到達” 所有想去的地點。


Todos Santos is a laid-back beach town north of Cabo San Lucas.


Taken after the two grooms' ceremony at Chicago's Lincoln Park


Photographer Greg Lumley took this shot at a tidal pool in Cape Town after the ceremony


Strand Kombuis (Beach Kitchen), about 100 kilometers from Cape Town.


Sean McLellan, of husband-and-wife team McLellan Style, worked with a New York couple who chose Iceland for their wedding photographs.



About 100 guests flew to Mexico for a wedding at the Blue Bay Grand Esmerelda. On a hunt for something more than the "regular beach image," the McLellan Style team and their newlyweds chose an underwater cave (cenote). "We tried shooting in all sorts of different areas with light coming in from different directions," says McLellan. The prolonged shoot led to this photo, a rushed drive to the airport, a speeding ticket and a missed flight. "But that's OK, it was worth it," says McLellan.


On a hunt for 的意思是有如狩獵一般那樣的尋找一個地方或是事情。

Prolonged 的意思是 “深遠的” 或是 “花很長時間的”

為了這張照片他們費盡心思,花了很長的時間,甚至為了照相而趕不上飛機,還在機場途中超速被開了罰單 (speeding ticket),不過他們覺得 it’s all worth it,所有的一切都是值得的。



For this California wedding, newlyweds were photographed on dramatic coastal bluffs. "The rocky path down the cliff in this photo was not the most convenient nor high-heel friendly, but the bride took off her shoes to walk down the cliff," says Bryce Covey of Bryce Covey Photography. "It resulted in one of their and my own favorite photos of the wedding day!"


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