Asia welcomes Year of the Rabbit / 亞洲歡喜迎兔年




粉絲們~~ 新年快樂!!







今日單字:  welcome  [v.]  =  歡迎、迎接



(一) 今日單字的其他意思、變化及片語


welcome  [v.]

1.  樂意接納、欣然接受  ( e.g.  The staff didn't welcome the changes in the company. )


welcome  [n.]

1.  迎接、接待  ( e.g.  Please give a warm welcome to our guest of honor. )


welcome  [int.]

1.  歡迎 (光臨)  ( e.g.  Welcome! We have been waiting for you. )


welcome  [adj.]

1.  受歡迎的、令人愉快的  ( e.g.  The rain was a welcome relief from the heat. ).

2.  被允許的、可隨意使用的  ( e.g.  You're welcome to stay for the weekend. )


unwelcome  [adj.]

1.  不受歡迎的、令人討厭的  ( e.g.  He is unwelcome here. )


welcoming  [adj.]

1.  歡迎的、熱情的、友好的  ( e.g.  Her welcoming smile put me at ease. )

2.  令人感到愜意的、舒適的  ( e.g.  Your home looks welcoming. )


unwelcoming  [adj.]

1.  不親切的、不熱情的、冷淡的  ( e.g.  The villagers are unwelcoming to visitors. )

2.  不愜意的、無親切感的、不溫馨的



(二) 相關字及片語


Lunar New Year

陰曆新年 / 農曆新年


Spring Festival



Chinese Zodiac




(三) 延伸討論


What did you do during the Chinese New Year holiday ?

Did you go anywhere fun or do anything exciting ?

Did you give or receive any red envelopes ?

Did you go to a temple to pray for prosperity ?

Did you play mahjong or cards ?

Did you buy some lottery tickets ?


Tell us about your holiday by commenting below~~~




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