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今日單字:  Storage  [n.]  =  存儲、存儲器


有粉絲跟小編一樣是用Android的系統嗎 ??






 (一) 今日新聞導讀


1.  The music store sells songs and albums for prices comparable to iTunes and Amazon MP3, but Google's catalog is smaller.

Google音樂商店所賣的歌和專輯與蘋果iTunes 或 亞馬遜Amazon MP3的價格相仿,但Google的商品目錄選擇較少。


2.  Google Music is free for storing as many as 20,000 songs.

Google Music 可免費儲存2萬首歌曲。


3.  ITunes Match is similar to Google Music in that it allows customers to store their music catalogs, up to 25,000 songs, on Apple's servers and access them from their computers, iPhones and iPads. Match costs $25 per year.

相似於 Google Music,蘋果的雲端音樂服務 iTunes Match 也可讓客戶們將他們的音樂 (最多25,000首) 存至蘋果的伺服器,並用電腦、iPhone 或 iPad 取用。iTunes Match的年為二十五美元。


4.  "Other cloud music services think you have to pay to listen to the music you own. We don't."



5.  After buying a song through Google Music, customers can share the track on the Google+ social network..

透過 Google Music 購買一首歌之後,使用者可以把音軌分享到 Google+。


6.  Google touted that, unlike other music stores, people who find songs through Google+ will be able to listen to each one in full for free one time before they buy. ITunes only provides 90-second previews.

Google 透露,他們與其它音樂商店不同的是,在Google + 搜尋歌曲的人都可在購買前免費收聽完整的歌曲一次。Itunes 只提供90秒的試聽。



(二) 延伸討論


Are you an Android user ??

If you are, do you want to try this service ??


I have an Android phone, and I'm excited about this service.

But...I guess we'll just have to wait until it's open to us.

Wonder how long that's gonna take.........(sigh)





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