Barcelona, Spain

Canons are fired,fireworks are set off, and as the mayor hands them the keys to the city, the magic of the Magi officially commences.

They parade through the streets in a magnificent cavalcade of floats that includes camels, elephants,giraffes and dazzling costumes.



Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Here, children make gingerbread cookies with Mrs. Claus, enroll in Elf School or take a calligraphy class and compose their Christmas wish lists with a traditional quill.

Those in search of a truly frosty experience can stay in the Arctic Snow Hotel, made entirely of snow and ice, but equipped with saunas and hot tubs in which to thaw.

在芬蘭的羅瓦涅米,小朋友可以參加精靈學校舉辦的薑餅人製作活動或是用鵝毛筆一起寫下聖誕願望。大人們可以住進Arctic Snow Hotel,體驗睡在雪和冰做成的房間喔~


New York

Rockefeller Center lies at the core of the New York Christmas.

Its famed ice rink has been around for 77 years; the decorated tree is an 80-year-old tradition.

Across the street, Radio City hosts the annual Christmas Spectacular, starring the Rockettes.

Central Park has two ponds for skating and horse-drawn carriage rides.

紐約的聖誕街景我想大家應該都不陌生吧~在好萊塢電影裡常常出現,Rockefeller Center這裡有80年歷史的聖誕樹、溜冰場。另外,中央公園也有兩個池塘,每到冬天就可以變成了溜冰場,甚至還有浪漫的馬車帶你繞場一周喔~


Nuremberg, Germany

Highlights include a giant carved wooden Ferris wheel, old-fashioned carousel and steam train.



Quebec City, Canada

If you're the type who likes to celebrate Christmas around a tree made from recycled sheet metal, with lights powered by the pedaling of nearby cyclists, Quebec is your destination.



Reykjavik, Iceland

Rows of small, beautiful huts make up the Yule Town Christmas market on Ingólfstorg. Here, visitors can pick up colorful Christmas gifts, decorations and treats.



San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Leading up to December 24, you're likely to stumble upon Mary and Joseph strolling the streets, as locals make pilgrimages from home to home, singing to"ask for posada" or "beg for shelter" as they re-enact the journey to Bethlehem.

在墨西哥的聖米格爾德阿連德,每到聖誕季節,就會有人挨家挨戶的傳遞福音,希望可以把 “無私奉獻” 的精神傳達出去


Santa Claus, Indiana

Christmas is a year-round occasion in this town of fewer than 3,000 residents.

Santa Claus, Indiana,receives thousands of letters a year from children trying to reach St. Nick himself.

A group of volunteers called Santa's Elves was set up in the mid-1930s to reply to each letter.

美國的印第安納州有一個地方竟然叫做Santa Claus,在當地有一個組織專門在收集和回覆來自各地的信件,收件人當然就是聖誕老人本人啦!


Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg's series of themed Christmas villages morph the city into a visual and gastronomic wonderland.



Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Valkenburg's Velvet Cave is transformed into a Christmas Market and the residence of Santa, where visitors can see his room of presents and reindeer sleigh.

荷蘭的法肯堡聽說是聖誕老人的故鄉,當地人會把Velvet Case變成一個聖誕市集,你也可以去參觀聖誕老人的家和他的座騎麋鹿


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