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今日單字:  Gender  [v.]  =   性別




People deserve the chance to be happy in their own skin !!

Are you ???



 (一) 今日新聞導讀


1.  Lawmakers in Argentina have approved a gender identity law that allows individuals to be recognized in official documents by the gender they choose.



2.  "It is understood that gender identity is the internal and individual way that a person experiences their gender, which may or may not correspond with the sex assigned at birth," the law states.



3.  The law is meant to include people who undergo sex change operations or hormone treatments to look like the opposite sex, but it goes further than that.



4.  "(The law) is a path toward equality, inclusion and recognition of rights for all Argentinians," Vice President Amado Boudou said. 

副總統阿馬多・博多說:這條法,對所有的阿根廷人而言,是一條通往平等包容 及 權利認定的道路。



(二) 延伸討論


Would this law be useful to you ??

Do you think that it should be approved in Taiwan ?


I don't think that I would need this law as I'm happy with the gender I was born with, however I do support it been approved in Taiwan.

Being male or female is only z small part of who people are.

It shouldn't be the thing that prevents people from becoming the best version of themselves.


Do you support this law ?




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